Mental Health and Wellbeing Coach

Aside from the financial impact of a divorce or separation the biggest impact is the Emotional stress and strain on you and those around you. 

We also acknowledge that the family law process is confusing and unfamiliar and this only adds to the stress levels.

At RockwellBates we take a Human to Human approach to Family Law which means we look to support you not only through our expert legal skills, but also through our own in-house specialist Mental Health and Wellbeing advisers who are part of our team. 

These ” angels” are here to help:

  • you manage your stress levels – so you can keep healthy, alert and focused ( and functional !) ,
  • build your resilience so that you can also support others around you that need it ( ie children);  and
  • help you understand at a human level the process, steps and goals that the whole Rockwell Bates team are seeking to achieve for you.